Design career

About Me

"His friends call him DJ, Dani or @danijanev, his dog calls him Woof and his mom calls him every day" - DK

Story of My life

It's not a song.

Who am i?

Creating from scratch

Pencil is mightier than pixel.
Over two decades of a career as a freelance graphic designer, and even more in the biggest marketing agencies working for clients worldwide, I have learned a lot about what works and why it works. I have also learned what doesn’t work and what could be done better. Still exploring, still learning new, life, and design skills.

What i do?

More like how I do it

Always eager to help design-wise.
I feel comfortable designing all by hand just with pencil and paper, or iPad or Wacom or brush name it. Even my code is clean as my layers, and I always save before I commit. A combination of deep digital expertise and brand strategy allows me to see businesses through a unique lens.

My skill set

The things I know the best

Logo & Brand Design 100%
Handlettering 96%
UX/UI Design 81%
Mobile Apps 74%