Written by past-colleagues for modesty’s sake.

“His friends call him DJ, Dani or @danijanev, his dog calls him ‘Woof!’, and his mom calls him every day.”

10153774_10152019239857984_2005614463_n“Dani Janev is a professional freelance designer and a semi-professional concert-hopper. As a believer in minimalism and innovation, he practices what he preaches when working on logos and brands.”

“One could compare him to a net-bot when it comes to frequency and speed in sharing design news and ideas.”

“I don’t believe Daniel ever sleeps. It looks like he manages to be online and creative in working hours acceptable in all time zones, simultaneously.”

“When it comes to his personality, he can be found engaging in tasteful (and moderate) beer-tasting and driving around in a smart car. He can also be recognized by wearing T-shirts designed by him, but since many others do too that’s not the safest bet.”